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  • Civilization 3 gold edition game - download and play free version!

    Editor's Update (10/16/14) - Though there is no free trial available, Steam has the complete version of this game for a very low price. Get it here

    One of the Best Strategy Games Ever Made!

    Civilization III Gold Edition now includes Play the World Expansion Pack. You get 8 new civilizations, 4 different online multiplayer game types, create your own scenarios, new units, new structures, new wonders, new animations, and an easier to use game interface!

    Lovers of the Original Civilization Games and Age of Empires Series Will Go Absolutely Crazy Over Civilization III Gold

    Rated Game of the Year by more gaming magazines then I care to list, this game goes down as one of the best of all time.

    • "What makes Civ III such a great game is that, just like Civ II, it blends a simple start with a vast array of options and pulls them together into a detailed, compelling, and seamless gaming experience. This is one game that you can't afford to miss." - PC Gamer Magazine

    You begin by choosing one of 16 different nations, each with its own special unit and societal strength (militarist, idustrial, scientific etc.). The nation you choose will affect the way you play the game as you seek to take advantage of its unique strengths. As you progress, you will have the advantage of trading with other civilizations, work out treaties, and go to war.

    • "If you play one turn-based game this life, play Civilization III." - GameSpy

    Civilization III Involves More Than Just Simple Warmongering

    You can win the game just as easily through cultural power and winning the space race. Defeating another nation can be difficult and a tremendous drain on your resources, just like real life.

    Game Awards:

    • Computer Games (5/5 stars -- Editor's Choice)
    • Computer Gaming World (5/5 stars -- Editor's Choice)
    • (10/10)
    • GameSpot (9.2/10 -- SP Strategy Game of the Year)
    • Gamespy (93/100 -- PC Strategy Game of the Year)
    • IGN PC (93%)
    • Next Generation (5/5 stars)
    • PC Gamer (92% -- Editor's Choice)

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